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When the University of Aveiro was created, in the middle of the 70's, several key areas were sellected for priority development, such as Natural and Environmental Sciences. The Interdisciplinary Group of Environmental Studies (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology) launched the first courses in these fields and created the group of Mineral Economy and Mineral Resources, which focused its research on the Vouga Basin. Several main research topics were selected for development: Geoeconomy, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Mineral Resources, Marine and Coastal Geology. The development of the Geology branch, at the end of the 70's, originated, in accordance with the development model of the University, the creation of the Geosciences Department, the first of its kind in Portugal with an integrated and multidisciplinary approach of the various areas related to Earth Sciences, including Engineering Sciences and Geophysics.

In 1978/79 the Teaching of Biology and Geology course was initiated, followed, in 1980/81 by Geological Engineering. The MSc course in Geochemistry started in 1981, starting the post graduate teaching in the Department. This expanded in the 90's, with the creation of the MSc Course on Industrial Rocks and Minerals (1994), the participation in the MSc Course in Sciences of Costal Zones and the Sea (created in 1989) and the MSc Course in Teaching of Geology and Biology (created in 1996).


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The department is located on building 16 of the University Campus of Santiago, projected by the architect Souto Moura. It occupies of a total area of 4340 m2.

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