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The Geosciences Department has been actively involved in the EU Socrates Program, namely through the ERASMUS Action, which is devoted to the promotion of mobility of students and teaching staff between European States.

As regards the mobility of students, the ERASMUS action has allowed the mobility of undergraduate students between European Universities for periods that range from one term to a full year. These stays in foreign universities, besides the obvious cultural and social personal enrichment of the students involved, allow the attending of courses in those Universities, with the garantee that the approval in these will be given an equivalence in the study plan of their original University degree in the University of origin.

In the last few years, the Geosciences Department has received permanently, in average, 3 to 4 students per year from other European Universities and it has sent, also in average, 2 students per year to foreign Universities. This number is rising. In 2002/2003, 4 full year and 2 single term mobility schollarships have been attributed to students from the Geological Engineering course of the University of Aveiro.

Universities already involved in interchange of students

The main Universities with which student interchange in Geosciences is currently active are:
        University of Calabria (Italy)
        University of Cagliari (Italy)
        University of Barcelona (Spain)
        University of Lleida (Spain).
        University of Craiova (Romenia)
        University of Freiberg (Germany)


Applications from students/researchers from other Universities are welcome and, where necessary, protocols can be established.

Applications for 2006/2007

The deadline for the applications for schollarships for 2006/2007 ends on the 28th of February 2006. Those interested should contact the International Relations Office of the University of Aveiro  ( 

Coordinator in the Department of Geosciences


Prof. Cristina Bernardes

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