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Stones of the monuments and pavements of Aveiro
24th August and 14th and 21rd of September
Coordinator: Eng. Paulo Jorge da Conceição Morgado
Description: Observation of the different types of rocks, minerals and fossils used as ornamental and constructing materials in Aveiro.
Itinerary: University of Aveiro - Center of the City of Aveiro.

Geology of the Serra do Caramulo
4th and 7th of September
Coordinator: Prof. Jorge Medina
Description: Field trip in the Serra do Caramulo to learn about its geology.
Aveiro, Águeda, Préstimo, Macieira de Alcoba, Arca, Guardão, Águeda, Aveiro.

Alterations of the coastal zone between Barra and Areão
7th of September
Coordinator: Prof. Cristina Bernardes
Coastal morphodynamics and influence of the antropcal actions
Itinerary: Aveiro - Barra – Costa Nova – Vagueira – Praia do Areão – Aveiro

Geology of the Buçaco's surroundings: a window unto the past
14th of September
Coordinator: Prof. Beatriz Valle Aguado
Description: Visit to the main locations of geological interest in the region of Luso-Buçaco
Itinerary: Aveiro-Luso-Algeriz-Aveiro

Underwater Geology of the Ria of Aveiro
19th of September
Coordinator: Prof. Luís Menezes Pinheiro
Description: Study of the underwater geology of the Ria of Aveiro, using geophysical methods in aquatic environment.
Itinerary: Short cruise along several channels of the Ria, on a boat belonging to the Administration of Aveiro's Harbour.

The water we drink: the regional system of Carvoeiro
20th of September
Coordinator: Prof. Manuel Augusto Marques da Silva
Description: The water used for the public needs of the municiples of the region of Baixo Vouga is supplied by the Regional System of Carvoeiro. Visits will be made to Laboratories, the treatment station and the captations of the system of Carvoeiro.
Itinerary: Aveiro (Dep. Geociências, University of Aveiro), Albergaria-a-Velha, Carvoeiro, AVEIRO



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