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Atomic Absorption Laboratory


 Espectrofotómetro de Absorção Atómica GBC 906 

Espectrofotómetro de Absorção Atómica GBC 906



Espectrofotómetro de Absorção Atómica

Espectrofotómetro de Absorção Atómica Varian com gerador de hidretos


Eduardo Ferreira da Silva



- Atomic Absorption GBC 906 Spectrometer
- Atomic Absorption Varian Spectrometer with hydride generator

Other equipment: 1 destiller, 2 de-ionizers, 1 laboratory washing machine, basic laboratory equipment, 1 oven, 3 centrifugues, 1 mechanical mixer, 1 heating plate with magnetic stirring, 1 microwave digestor, 1 hotte, 1 laboratory fridge, 2 heating plates, 1 stirring plate,1 precision scale, 1 pH measuring device.



This laboratory (50 m2) is devoted to the research in applied geochemistry and practical laboratory classes of Applied Geochemistry, Project, Seminar  and post-graduate research.



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