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Isotope Geology Laboratory


 Espectrómetro de Massa de Ionização Térmica (TIMS) VGTM Sector 54  Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer  (TIMS)VGTM Sector 54

Espectrómetro de Massa de Ionização Térmica (TIMS) VGTM Sector 54  Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer  (TIMS) VGTM Sector 54

Laboratório Limpo "Clean" Laboratory

Laboratório Limpo "Clean" Laboratory


Maria do Rosário Azevedo
Jorge Medina
José Francisco Santos


Technical staff:

Sara Monteiro Ribeiro



- Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer (TIMS) VGTM, Sector 54 equipped with 7 Faraday Cups and one Daly Detector
-Clean Room- air class 100 - equipped with 4 propilene fume exausters with gas washing, three laminar flux chambers, ion-exchange columns, one quartz distiller, one system for water purification Milli-Q, one precision scale, one oven.



The Isotope Geology Laboratory is part of the Central Laboratory of Analises of the University of Aveiro, responsible for the execution and service providing of analyses.
The Isotope Geology Laboratory is presently routined for the determination of the abundance of trace elements (Rb, Sr, Sm, Nd) and isotope ratios (Rb-Sr  and Sm-Nd) in geological materials. The high degree of analytical sofistication of this laboratoty allows relevant quantitative information to be aobtained to constrain the evolution of our Planet. It has also aplication in Mineral Exploration, environmental geochemistry and metalogenesis.
In a near future, isotope analysis of Pb-Pb, U-Pb e Re-Os, will be performed in this laboratory.


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