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Hydrogeology Laboratory


Vista Geral do laboratório

Figure 1 - General view of the laboratory

Sondas de medição de níveis e células de fluxo

Figure 2 - Water-level dip meter and flux cell

Medidores características químicas águas subterrâneas

Figure 3 - Measurers of chemical characteristics of underground waters

Kit para determinação
                            da alcanilidade em campo

Figure 4 - Kit for determining alkalinity in the field

Bomba submersível e respectiva mangueira

Figure 5 - Water pump and respective hose

Amostrador de água subterrânea

Figure 6 - Groundwater depth sampler

Trado para amostragem
                            de solos e zona não saturada

Figure 7 - Hand-auger for soil and unsaturated zone sampling

Construção de captações.
                            Furo artesiano na Vagueira

Figure 8 - Construction of Captations. Artesian holes in the Vagueira

Amostragem e monitorização
                            água subterrânea

Figure 9 - Sampling and monitorization underground water

Medição da profundidade do nível piezométrica

Figure 10 - Measurement of the water level


Manuel Augusto Marques da Silva



-Water-level dip meter and flux cells (Fig. 2)

-Temperature, pH, electrical conductivity, salinity, redox potential and dissolved oxygen probes (Fig. 3)

-Portable magnetic agitator (Hanna®)

-Kit Hach® for alkalinity measurement (Fig. 4)

-Water pump + hose (Fig.5)

-Groundwater depth sampler (Fig. 6)


-Hand-auger for soil and unsaturated zone sampling (Fig. 7)

-LASA 100 Dr Lange® portable photometer  for laboratory and field work

-Flow meter and limnigraphs

-GPS tracker Magellan®

-2 PC + 2 printers + scanner + zip disk, maps, geological maps, specialized magazines 1 and specific bibliography



Viewlog®, ArcView®, Visual Modflow Pro®, AquiferTest®, AquaChem®, SigmaPlot®



In this laboaratory investigation work is developted (Fig. 8, Fig. 9, Fig. 10) in the domain of Hydrogeology (construction of captations, diagraphs, hydrogeochemistry, paleohydrology, hydrogeochemistry modelation and underground flows, studies of environmental impact), collaborating, within this domain, with mainy portugues2 and foreign3 institutions for a better evaluation and protection of the resources of the underground water. It also serves as support for lab classes of Hydrogeology, General Hydrology Seminar, Project of the 5th year and to pos-graduate essays, not only on the area of Hydrogeology but also in other areas (Soil Geochemistry, Applied Geophysics, Minerals and Industrial Rocks, GIS).



1Ground Water (NGWA), Hydrogeology Journal (IAH), Recursos Hídricos (APRH), Soil Science Society of America Journal (SSSA), Journal of Environmental Quality


3Comissão Europeia (DGXII), British Geological Survey (UK), Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland e Technical University of Denmark (Dinamarca), Instituto Geológico y Minero de España e Universitat Politècnica Catalunya (Espanha), Laboratory for Applied Geology and Hydrogeology (Bélgica), Universitat Bern (Suiça), Université Paris 11 e Université Avignon (França), Institute of Geology at Tallinn Technical University (Estonia), University of Mining and Metallurgy (Polónia), Czech Geological Survey (República Checa), Malta Resources Authority (Malta), Bulgarian Academy of Science (Bulgaria), Instituto Superior de Educação (Cabo Verde).







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