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Hydrogeochemistry Laboratory


Liofilizador BRAUN

Freeze-drying Braun for sample concentration









Eduardo Ferreira da Silva



- Flame Photometer JENWAY
- Spectrophotometer
- Ion Cromatograph Dionex with conductivity detector
-Ion Dionex with UV/Vis detector
- Gas Cromatograph GOW MAC

Other equipment: 1 destiller, 1 de-ionizer, 1 heating plate with magnetic stirring, 2 hotte, 1 laboratory fridge, 1 precision scale, 1 conductivity meter, 3 pH meters, 1 conductivity meter, 1 freeze-drying BRAUN



This laboratory (15 m2) is devoted to the research in hydrochemistry and lecturing of practical classes of Hydrogeochemistry, Project, Seminar and post-graduate research.




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