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Master in Geochemistry

Scientific Areas:



Destined to:

Geologists, geology engineers, mining enguneers, environment engineers, chemists, chemical engineer and profissionals in the area of prospection and mining exploitation.



Forming specialists in pure and applied geochemistry. Forming boards of public sector (superior school studies, statel laboratories) or of the private sector, bonded to geologic studies - mining and environmental. The domains of specialization include the following areas: geochemistry, experimental geochemistry, environmental sciences, GIS, geostatistics, hydrogeology/hydrochemistry, mining exploitation, mineral deposits.




Prof. Doutor Eduardo Anselmo F. da Silva
+351 234 370605
+351 234 370759




The enrolment is admitted for those who are titularies of the graduations in Biology (Scientific and Educational areas), in Geology (Scientific and Educational areas), in teaching of Geology and Biology (Educacional area) and still graduates of equivalente areas or legally equivalente qualifications, and in all the referred cases with minimum qualification of 14 marks.
Exceptionally, in justified situations, may the coordenating commity of the Master Degree admit the application of the candidates of whose curriculum demonstrates an adequate complementary scientific formation, although their qualification being inferior to 14 marks.
Exceptionally, in justified situations, may the coordenating commity of the Master Degree admit the application to the registration on the course titularies of other applications or degree considered equivalente and by curriculum demonstrates an adequate scientific preparation base.


N.º of vacancies:



Date of initiation:

Beginning of the 2nd semestre of the academic year 2001/2002 (Febuary/2002).


Date of conclusion of the scholar componente:

Of conclusion of the 1st semestre of the academic year 2002/2003 (Febuary/2003)



Fridays 10-13 and at 14 to 18 o'clock and Saturdays form 9-13 o'clock.



Geochemic Processes
Geochemic Planning and Cartography
Methods and Techniques of Geochemic Analysis
Seminar I
Seminar II


Type of lecturing:




Regulation on the Rectoral Dispatch 83-R/94, published on the D. R. 276, II Serie, de 29/11/94



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